The fastest way to melt off the Holiday lard

Yes! 2013 is here and I showed up 15lbs heavier than when I went to NB for the holidays. "SAY WHAT?" That's right my good buddy Matt and I slammed around some serious weights to go with our seasonal celebrations and although we packed on some serious muscle we also added a fair amount of good old fashion lard. Yep, lipids to the waistline, cheese to the dumplings, extra puff to the muffin top. LOL Okay you.
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Celebrate Christ-MASS

Yo dude, Well if the world doesn't end today we will have Christmas and I gotta say I am excited about that. Years ago, I used to worry and fret about putting on the extra pounds over the holidays, but I have learned there's probably no better time to train super hard, while your celebrating the holidays. Matt and I have been hitting the gym hard with some Crazy Workouts over the last week here in.
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Merry Christmas to you this season!

Dearest Friend!!! Merry Christmas from my heart to yours. May the season bring you, your family and your friends closer together and may the spirit of the season remain with you throughout the new year! But first, my heartfelt Christmas greeting to you: I am writing you this Christmas wish, because at some place, some time, you have touched my heart! Perhaps we've met in person, spoken on the phone, exchanged a few emails..
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Keys to Success For The Holidays

Yes!!! It's Christmas time again - my favorite time of year. Every year I make the trek to my home town in NB to spend the holidays with my parents. It usually takes me a couple of days to wind down from my travel schedule and get into the slower pace of life common to the Maritime provinces. Anyways, Mum as always has been cooking up a storm and that means I have.
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Contest closes 31 Dec – win protein!

Last week I sent you an email about all the weird and wonderful recipes being created by our protein breakthrough customers. Why? Because we want to send you a F-R-E-E bag of Protein Breakthrough too. Here's how this CONTEST works:
  1. Create your own ORIGINAL tasty recipe USING the new chocolate protein breakthrough powder (and make sure it tastes delicious!)
  2. Take a picture of your creation.
  3. Email us the recipe of how to create it to.
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BEST Recipe contest

The word is out! Protein Breakthrough has taken the world by storm and people are coming up with some of the craziest recipes. Basically people are using protein breakthrough for just about everything. When Jonn, M is feeling tired in the afternoon he simple dips a banana into the protein breakthrough for an amazing chocolate treat. He says his brain comes online about 30 seconds later. Amazing! IFFB Fitness Bikini Pro Kelly Gonzalez mixed up protein.
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi there, Today I have an interesting story. It's one about a lot of what you would think are tragedies. But if you stay with me, I am going to show you how you can turn a challenge into a triumph. You see, a few days ago I went to San Francisco. I was very excited to go there because I have been attempting to go to San Francisco for over 12.
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Why whey is DEAD

Hello, Just hanging with my friend, Dr. Dave Lesman in his incredible glass house right on Manhattan beach. It's truly incredible to be soaking up the sun, sand and the surf only 10 minutes away from LAX. Dr. Dave figured out how to live the good life as a chiropractor to the stars here in LA-LA land. Dr. Dave and I met about 5 years ago at a conference where I was speaking.
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They love it. So will you.

Hey man, The feedback we're getting on our new Super Silky Chocolate hemp protein has been amazing. And it keeps rolling in... Sure, Matt and I knew we were onto something good... but we still love it when customers write in and tell us! After all, who doesn't like a pat on the back once in a while, right? For instance, check out this message we just received from Paul at Scrawny To Brawny: "Dude! It's amazing..
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