Must read article from Dr. Oz

Wade Lightheart here writing to you
from one of my favorite coffee shops
in beautiful crispy Vancouver, Canada.

Just read a killer article and I wanted to share it with you.

After 8 years in the trenches talking about enzymes
and their benefits, Dr. Oz has now confirmed what
our Masszymes clients have know for years.

Check out what the researchers for Dr. Oz TV
are saying:

Masszymes are why Matt and I almost never get sick.
We always have tremendous energy.
And we’re absolute beasts in the gym.

We sell Masszymes way below normal markup for the
supplement industry… Because we don’t sell to stores,
there’s no middleman from factory to consumer.

The reason being is it’s really expensive to make a
great enzyme and companies who sell in stores
simply cannot sell the same quality product at the price
we do because of the nature of their distribution chain.

And both Matt and I have never stopped using it or sharing it
wherever we go.

It’s the foundation of our health.
It’s the core of our supplement program.

I carry mine in a little altoids tin with 30 of them in it everywhere
and I slam 3-5 before every meal or 5 in between meals for
a boost of energy and mental focus.

These bad boys are unbelievable.

We had a positive response from our last promotion so we
thought we would do it again:

Try your first batch,
or re-order your next supply

Live well, love life, be awesome…

Wade Lightheart, CSNA
3 Time National Natural Bodybuilding Champion
Advisor to American Anti Cancer Institute

P.S. If you haven’t tried Masszymes yet — this is the
ultimate opportunity:

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