Merry Christmas to you this season!

Dearest Friend!!!

Merry Christmas from my heart to yours. May the
season bring you, your family and your friends closer
together and may the spirit of the season remain with
you throughout the new year!

But first, my heartfelt Christmas greeting to you:

I am writing you this Christmas wish, because at
some place, some time, you have touched my heart!

Perhaps we’ve met in person, spoken on the
phone, exchanged a few emails. Or maybe you’ve
simply received my emails for a while and
recognize some value in what I have to share.

Whatever the extent of our relationship,
you are still special to me and I give thanks
for your presence in my life.

Christmas to me represents the best ideals that
mankind can embrace: peace, joy, and love. When
one has those three things, one is truly rich and
capable of giving the ultimate gift -

Unconditional Love

Love that is not binding, love that never runs out,
has no expectations, demands, or caveats.
It is Love that requires no words, cards, or phone
calls. Love that is conveyed simply in a thought
of gratitude for one’s being.

It is this love that I wish to acknowledge in you and
reflect back to you through my Christmas wish!

Merry Christmas my friend,
May your heart be glad,
For we are blessed with the gift of existence.

I thank you for being in my life
I thank you for sharing your gifts with me,
I appreciate you and what you represent,
May your star shine brightly in the coming year.

As some of you know, I am moving from my beloved
Vancouver condo at the end of 2012. The final
destination of my travels is yet unknown however I
will spending the winter traveling in Central and South
America with a few visits to the USA.

Lots of light and love,

Wade Lightheart

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