BEST Recipe contest

The word is out!

Protein Breakthrough has taken the world
by storm and people are coming up with
some of the craziest recipes.

Basically people are using protein breakthrough
for just about everything.

When Jonn, M is feeling tired in the afternoon
he simple dips a banana into the protein breakthrough
for an amazing chocolate treat. He says his brain
comes online about 30 seconds later. Amazing!

IFFB Fitness Bikini Pro Kelly Gonzalez mixed up
protein breakthrough with her pancakes in the morning
for a chocolate powered breakfast. Be sure to check
out her site at

Kasandra J. aka the kung fu super-mom sprinkles
protein breakthrough in her oatmeal in the morning.
Her kids now are excited to eat their oatmeal and she
feels great because she knows they are excited
to eat healthy food.

Matt has all his friends raving about the protein breakthrough
chocolate macaroons he makes up…. His first two batches
he ended up eating the whole pan himself… Great news is,
it’s totally guilt free indulgence.

Lamont Daigle’s little girl requested the protein breakthrough
straight out of the bag on a spoon and convinced her dad
to try it… He was shocked to discover it was like warm
chocolate brownies right out of the bag.

Marissa M. stated after two days on protein breakthrough
she was finally able to build up a healthy sweat in her sauna -
something that normally only happened after taking a bunch
of thermogenic herbs. That’s testament the metabolism-boosting
power of protein breakthrough.

As for me… I am still swilling back 4 scoops of protein
breakthrough in 250 ml of coconut water and a banana
blended into the healthiest chocolate malt drink you can
ever imagine.

So why are we sharing?

Because we want to hear about YOUR crazy
protein breakthrough recipe….

All you have to do is send us a picture of your creation,
your recipe, and your name and email address.

The top 5 recipes will receive a free bag of
protein breakthrough.

Your recipe must be original, use protein breakthrough
and most off all taste delicious.

So send us your magic creations and get yourself a
F-R-E-E Bag of the best-tasting, metabolism-boosting
protein on the market today.

Your tastebuds will love you and your scales will celebrate
your newfound leanness too!

Be well
Stay Awesome


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