Before you test yourself with heavy squats, get a little coaching.

The joy of squatting heavy.

This Saturday was an epic training day
with a legs, chest, and triceps focus -
Oh yeah, we threw some abs in there too.

Anyways, Matt, myself and Leor – a relatively
new, but intensely focused trainee – were
hitting the squat racks big time.

Now that I am in my 40′s, I have decided to
keep certain standards for strength in my
basic movements.

Squatting is one of the movements that you have to
keep up with, or your weights drop off fast.

Matt and I pushed each other into the land of
315 or “3 Pies aside”. And that’s “ass to the
ankles” full squats.

Thank God we were spotting each other,
as we pushed each other to near max lifts.

This kind of training should be attempted
no more than *once* per month.

You also need to ensure you’re performing
your exercises properly.

Leor, our new training partner, should get
an award on how to be a great student.

He hasn’t trained for that long. Although he
had the leg strength for higher weights, there
were a few key things that we had to adjust.

First, we slipped 10 pound plates under his
heels, since his calves were not that flexible.

This allowed him to keep upright without
bending forward and lifting with his back.

Then I showed how his stance should place
his feet slightly *wider* than shoulder width apart,
with the elbows under the bar.

Finally, I shared with him how to explode out of
the bottom of the rep to generate more power.

What’s fascinating is that, with a few adjustments,
he went from a wobbly, back bending, half squat,
to a smooth, powerful, full-squat within 4 sets.

It’s amazing how a little bit of coaching can make
a big difference.

Best part is Leor is super coachable.

He didn’t have an ego about it, and wasn’t concerned
that he was squatting less weight than Matt and I.

Matt worked with Leor on a couple of other exercises
and he got the technical improvements in just a few

It you’re having trouble with any of your basic movements,
refer to our Elite Exercise Performance guide.

=> Download the ‘Elite Exercise Performance Manual here
(Right click and ‘Save As’)

Review the exercises before your workouts. Also, you can
hire a trainer for a session or two to give you assistance
on specifics.

So many people spin their wheels because their egos get
in the way of learning. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran
or newbie beginner, we can always keep learning.

And another word on coaching:

In the last 3 weeks, Matt has taught me some great
tricks that I never knew – and that’s after 25 years of

I am letting him design all the workouts, and I am
following his diet strategies to the tee- more on that
in the next email.

Bottom line, getting coached is fun, and it allows you
to put more effort into doing your workout, instead of
thinking about it. And finally, it allows you to get faster

The point of the story is:

Keep learning,
Reset your goals.
Be coachable,
and leave the EGO at the door.

Have an Awesome Day!

Wade T Lightheart

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