A Japanese Secret

Matt here. I used to go to Japan frequently
(I had a cute Japanese girlfriend).

It’s no secret that the Japanese are one of the
longest living cultures in the world.

The secret is: they consume more enzyme
supplements than any country in the world
PLUS they eat a significantly high enzyme
rich diet… Raw fish and veggies.

A few months back, a representative from
a leading Japanese enzyme manufacturer
contacted me asking if I would promote
their product.

I told them to send me some and I would
give it a whirl… Guess what – The enzymes
were good but they didn’t hold a candle
to Masszymes…

Here’s what you need to look for in an enzyme

1. High protease content (Protease breaks down
protein and the best enzymes have multiple
proteases… Masszymes contains 4 types of protease).
The Japanese solution had 1.

2. They had compressed tabs that are hard to break down.
We use vegetarian capsules… These are more stable,
stay active longer, and can be sprinkled into food and shakes
for predigestion of your protein. This is how you get more
amino acids from your protein.

3. Their enzymes cost way more per capsule.
If you compare the leading brands in the industry,
Masszymes is by far the best priced enzyme
on the market… It’s because we sell direct to you,
the customer, no middlemen, stores, brokers, nothing.

We also know that taking Masszymes in volume
is where the magic is… so it’s better if you can buy
more Masszymes and take higher dosages.

Sure, we make less per bottle but
when you take more Massyzmes,
you get better results and we sell
more bottles – Everybody wins.

Someone asked me – what’s the one supplement
you wouldn’t be without?.. it’s MASSZYMES.

For all the reasons why, read Enzyme Nutrition
by Dr. Edward Howell. It will blow your mind
around the power of enzymes for health and

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Live Large,


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