71 year old kung-fu master kicks my butt in 3 seconds but reveals amazing longevity secret

Do you remember the Cain movies where
David Carradine played a Shaolin Monk
who went around the country helping
people out and beating up bad guys?

Perhaps you’re like me and love to watch
those old kung-fu movies with the old master
who has super powers and speaks in Zen-like
riddles of wisdom?

I love that stuff and over the last few days
I have had the great fortune of staying
with a real live Kung Fu legend,
Sifu James MacNeil.


While showing me his deadly splashing hands maneuver
the other night, I felt like this bowl of oatmeal after
I dropped 3 Masszymes in it.


To order:

Sifu MacNeil trains 4 hours every day for over 40 years.

His training includes martial art kung fu forms, meditation,
Tai chi, bodyweight resistance training, and his world famous
iron hand training (this allows him to smash his hand through
walls, bricks or bones). Interestingly, his hands are soft
and smooth.

Sifu MacNeil also hits himself with iron bars
to compress his Chi (Life Force Energy) so that
he can resist punches, kicks, or weapons.

He asked me to hit him as hard as I could to demonstrate it
but its impossible to hurt him.

When I moved to strike, the “old man” moved with lighting speed
blocking my punch and lightly striking me with deadly precision
on my neck, groin, ribs, liver, armpit and jaw.

This all took about 3 seconds but had he struck me for real
I wouldn’t have lasted past one.

I asked him what is the secret to his speed, power, and
deadly precision.

He accounts his power to a training methodology he learned
from Kung Fu Masters that allows him to circulate the vital
sex force into dynamic life rejuvenating power.

I will be learning more from him in the next couple of days
and will share what he’s willing to teach me.

One thing is for sure, this man has many skills and secrets
that took a lifetime to develop. So if you want to find out
more from him, go to www.littlenineheaven.com.

Okay gotta run for my next lesson.


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