3 simple steps that shave THOUSANDS off your medical bills

Matt Gallant here…

I want to explain how I save THOUSANDS
on my medical bills each year, yet I still get
all the vital knowledge I need to optimize my
health and performance to an elite level.

It’s simple.

3 steps:

Step #1: I go STRAIGHT to the laboratory and avoid my doctor.

This alone will save you a small fortune in
“consultation fees”.

The key is you need to know how to read the tests.

Here’s how I educated myself:


Step #2: I ONLY order the critical blood tests that I really need.

Most doctors will get you to do a “full blood panel”.

There’s nothing wrong with doing that once-in-awhile.
But if I’m trying to crank my testosterone and drop
my estrogen, it makes NO sense to get other blood
tests done.

Step #3: I read my own blood work.

Again, you need to be able to decipher the numbers.
It’s NOT rocket science.

In fact, it’s never been simpler to understand
blood work thanks to:


Matt Gallant
Kinesiologist, Bsc. Of Sc.

P.S. This product will pay for itself with your next blood tests. It’s truly an investment in your health. It’s a no brainer.

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