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Celebrate Christ-MASS

Yo dude, Well if the world doesn't end today we will have Christmas and I gotta say I am excited about that. Years ago, I used to worry and fret about putting on the extra pounds over the holidays, but I have learned there's probably no better time to train super hard, while your celebrating the holidays. Matt and I have been hitting the gym hard with some Crazy Workouts over the last week here in.
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Merry Christmas to you this season!

Dearest Friend!!! Merry Christmas from my heart to yours. May the season bring you, your family and your friends closer together and may the spirit of the season remain with you throughout the new year! But first, my heartfelt Christmas greeting to you: I am writing you this Christmas wish, because at some place, some time, you have touched my heart! Perhaps we've met in person, spoken on the phone, exchanged a few emails..
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Keys to Success For The Holidays

Yes!!! It's Christmas time again - my favorite time of year. Every year I make the trek to my home town in NB to spend the holidays with my parents. It usually takes me a couple of days to wind down from my travel schedule and get into the slower pace of life common to the Maritime provinces. Anyways, Mum as always has been cooking up a storm and that means I have.
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Contest closes 31 Dec – win protein!

Last week I sent you an email about all the weird and wonderful recipes being created by our protein breakthrough customers. Why? Because we want to send you a F-R-E-E bag of Protein Breakthrough too. Here's how this CONTEST works:
  1. Create your own ORIGINAL tasty recipe USING the new chocolate protein breakthrough powder (and make sure it tastes delicious!)
  2. Take a picture of your creation.
  3. Email us the recipe of how to create it to.
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