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Testosterone, Growth Hormone and the Vancouver Riots

Hey dude, Well, we managed to survive the hockey riots here in Vancouver. What most people don't know is that the next day 1000's came out and cleaned the city up and it was all good by late in the afternoon, pretty amazing. It's a dangerous combination adding booze, testosterone, and a 100,000 people or so... Mayhem usually ensues. I just wish some of these people, who create such destruction, would grow up. Speaking.
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Beware of the Anabolic Asshole!!!

Yes, you know who he is. The zit-marked dude yelling in the corner of the gym with bloated belly, veins coming all over the place, wearing the sweat stained T-shirt that reads some crazy tag line like "get big or die". These guys are always sharing info how you need to get on the latest stack, or looking for the new fat burning drug etc. What's challenging is these guys are very convincing because.
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