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Maximizing Hormones for Maximum Muscle Growth

The human body contains numerous amounts of intricate hormones that allow our muscles to grow, or do the opposite. Maximizing hormones such as testosterone, IGF-1, insulin, and HGH can result in a substantial increase in strength and lean muscle growth, as well as a decrease in adipose tissue. By eating right and making a few adjustments to your training, nutrition and supplement protocol, you can achieve.
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A Step Beyond – Accelerating Your Natural Bodybuilding Progress

The mind controls what your body feels and looks like. This is also called 'physiological self-image'. The mind never deviates from its self-image; therefore, it is very essential that we act, behave, talk and think as powerful, strong, flexible, healthy individuals. To create the body we want, with natural bodybuilding for example, we must fake it until we make it.  .
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