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Taking Your Bodybuilding Program to the Next LEVEL the Freaky Big Naturally Way.

HI all you musclemaniacs, Well, fall is upon us and that usually means the gym is full of hardcore training action. Post season starts in Baseball and NFL football is well underway, and hockey and basketball are also set to start the season. With all this action in sports, there tends to be a lot of carry over momentum into our sport Bodybuilding. In case you didn't.
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Just Returned from a Whirlwind Tour of Canada

Hi all, I just returned from a Whirlwind tour of Canada where I attended the CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association)'s big show in Toronto Canada. The subsequent week was packed with activity, meeting with industry leaders, magazine editors, and heck, I even had to write Arnold Schwarzenegger a letter relating to the new Hemp Bill AB 684 in the state of California (more on that later). Anyway,.
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Bodybuilding Competitions and Natural Bodybuilding

Recently, I was asked about my recent success on the Muscle Mastery Insider boards and I thought I would post it here to illustrate the whole point of competing. What Competitions are all about. For me, contests are not about winning our losing, it's merely an opportunity to focus one's energies and to leverage one's efforts to achieve a desired outcome. At one time, contests were a be.
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